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Friday, June 14, 2013

5 insights to understand Corporate Communications in times of change

PR & Corporate Communications is a vast field of issues that deserve a deep study and investigation in order to understand the best way to reach, not only our business objectives, but our communications ones through traditional and new media.

Current international environment make us re-think our theoretical background while the shadows of crisis seem to cover the way we do business. On the other, hand, technology is continually setting milestones in terms of communications, narrowing geographical distances.

What is the role of the PR & Corporate Communications in this complex environment? I personally think that there are some keys that could let us understand how it works.

#1 Times of uncertainty

How can we reduce the gap of uncertainty in times in which no one know exactly what could happen to our economy and business environment? Communicators must work to deliver valuable and useful information to managers so that they can take wise decisions, let’s call it environment information. This process must be working according to a well designed communications strategy.    

#2 Communications 2.0

Communications 2.0 are defined by a wide range of new channels of communication online. Those new media are characterised by their intensive interaction with our audiences, and the viralization of the information.

#3 Businesses are more public

Thanks to new media, public affairs are more public than ever. Companies are pushed to be more transparent, and have to deal with, not only traditional opinion leaders on TV, Radio o newspapers; but with bloggers and those who have something say on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

#4 Smart Storytellers are more important than ever

Every company needs a smart and proactive storyteller, able to catch people’s attention to our company mission and core of values. A good storyteller should make people fall in love with company’s brand making a match between audiences and business in terms of inspiration.

#5 Corporate communications as a useful tool of change

Times of uncertainty bring the necessity of being well prepared for economic, social and cultural changes. A dynamic and strong culture will be able to face those changes, taking advance of them. Corporate communications and PR, are not only a one way motorway but a vehicle to take smart decisions. 

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John Dautzenberg said...

Hi Luis,

Very nice post. This post has described all about the change of corporate communication PR according to the present time.