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Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 reasons to set up a corporate communications department in your company

Peru’s corporate communications have grown while business necessities of having a good reputation and image have grown as well, moreover those related to keep good relations with their main business stakeholders.

Conflictive sceneries create the framework to look for specialized solutions that shape the way business communicate themselves, both internally and externally.

On the other hand, study and application of corporate communications variations are not fully developed.  For example, corporate identity; both studies and application are inexistent or related to graphic identity, while its definition involve many other organizational and business insights. 

But, let’s go further: Why should we set up a corporate communications office in our organizations? I will suggest 10 reasons to do so: 

#1 Communication control
Every organization delivers messages. It’s not possible to organize without communication; because this, it’s important to optimize business communication, due to the fact that a good communication brings a good organization.

#2 Added value 
Communications managing brings another aspect related to the messages added value. There must be meaningful relations between the business and its main audiences in order to get identity and uniqueness. 

#3 Crisis managing
A corporate communications office is a crisis support for the board of managers, because they have the know-how to face a crisis situation.

#4 Improving cohesion
A communications office increase the feeling of cohesion among the different business departments. It develops or eases the cultural change if necessary. 

#5 Strengthen communication links
A communicator is a reputation specialist; someone who offer alternatives to develop image; and able to deliver solutions, even during adverse sceneries. 

#6 Technology progress
We are facing a technology chanllenge, which is re-shaping the way business get in touch with their audiences. Nowadays, corporate communications  and PR have changed the way we get close to our main stakeholders.

#7 Story telling
A corporate communicator has the skills to develop good and lasting links with the local press, so that they can tell the company’s story as long as it is necessary, and build branding.

#8 Marketing Support
Although many companies have marketing departments, uncharged of business promotion, distribution and sells; a communication department offers a strategic help in order to show the business behind the brand, which is very important when we build reputation.

#9 Develops employers branding
Every company wants to attract the best talented people. A communications office can help to develop the company’s brand as a good and respected employer, which is the key of the business success and growth. 

#10 Business trus
Another important aspect is related to the ability to create trust among the company’s main stakeholders, in order to get lasting revenues and reducing the gap of uncertainty.

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