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Saturday, October 13, 2012

4 key ideas from PR to improve your social media strategy according to Judi Huck

Being a community manager means an effective communications with your audiences in terms of added value, but it is also related to good results. According to Judi Huck, an American Social Media specialist, a community manager has to work hard in order to plan his PR strategy, in which bloggers are an essential factor.

I will share with you 4 ideas that can help to improve the planification and application of a Social Media Strategy for community managers.

  • Bloggers networking

There are many bloggers around, but a few of them shape public opinion and set the trends in the market. Try to get in touch with them, for they to talk about your work. This will empower your social networking. They can be considered a sort of secondary target. If they know what you do and your product, they will engange other people to your brand.

  • Traditional media, why not?

Nowadays, there are many journalists on Social Media; and they are always looking for information and valuable stories to tell. Tell your story to them, attract them to your field, they could publish your information and help in your PR networking. 

Remember, a journalist wants two things:
  • A good story: Work hard in an articulated and interesting story of your brand or product.
  • Exclusivity: A journalist wants to be the first to tell. So choose carefully who is going to help you.

  • Social Networks really work!

Join to LinkedIn, there are plenty of groups in which you could share your news and ideas, in order to strength your social community. Also, there are specialized groups in other social media, like Facebook or Twitter. 

Try to get in touch with other community managers, and exchange ideas about your work. And learn form the succesful ones.

  • Write a press release

Choose a couple of journalists and send a press release with your product or service. Tell them about the advantages, and why they should talk about it. It has to be sold by itself, in a plain and clear language. Rememnber, journalists wants cuantitative information, and added value; you have to be an important source for them.

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