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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

8 key advices to improve your internal communications in a large factory

Internal communications is a fascinating field which is very important to look after in our daily human resource management due to the fact that, as a company, we should take control of othe internal interactions among workers which could help us to reach our main organisational goals.

Internal Communications Management, as part of corporate communications, is a useful tool that has the goal to improve the human resource commitment to the company and to its core values, but how can we improve this? . Here I would like to give you few insights in order have an efficient internal communications management in your company.

1.Internal market research RIGHT NOW!
You need information about the company, its mission and vision, history, myths, heroes and enemies; I mean corporate culture! So you have to choose the tools to get that useful information: surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc. As long as you have the best information you will probably get the most suitable information.

You can divide the information into cualitative and cuantitative data. I strongly recommend to geto both, in order to have a panoramic view of the organisation.

2.You need to set goals
Forget doing things without goals, you need to know what do you want: commitment, avoiding rumours, improving leadership, etc. How long will it take? And last but not least, how can we measure that? So we need indicators!

These are the goals, and they need to be powerful: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timeable. The so called SMART Goals.

3.Strategy of attack
From my experience you need an appropriate strategy to get attention from you audience, and this comes from the information you collected before in your internal market research. Is your strategy defensive or offensive; maybe you prefer a guerrilla attack. Do you have enough resources? Do you know the field? Also you have to wonder the what is the best moment to do it.

4.Choose you best channels of communication.
Some managers love colourful and maybe useless billboards around the company walls, but not all of your workers really read them. Some other managers rather prefer emailing as a way of communication, but maybe many people, often in factories, don't work with computers in front of them. So you have to select the best mix of internal channels: Blackberries, billboards, internal magazines, emailing, communications 2.0, etc. Choose the best ones in order to have the best outcome.

5.Design the best message
A message is divided into three components called PET: Promise, Evidence and Tone. Promise is what you offer to your people, while evidence is the way you will show them that. Tone is how warm, severe, or friendly is your “voice” while saying that.

6.Do you have a strategy of feedback
Once you launch your campaign you need the best feedback to measure how effective are your efforts of communication. It might be necessary to improve anything: maybe your targets, primary and secondary ones; your internal channels could vary according to the moment... so be prepared to change your plans.

7.Special training for supervisors
I need to have clear that you need to train supervisors in order give them communication skill so that they can spread your voice around the company. They are a secondary target you need to have in mind. You will need to set up a schedule of workshops with them.

8.Select and train internal leaders
They are a key part of your plan. Select and train them, by doing this your ensure that informal communications do not become a monster against the organisation.

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